How clever shared spaces make a return to the office more attractive.

How Clever Shared Spaces at Work Makes a Return to the Office More Attractive 

One way to increase productivity and creativity is by working in shared workspaces. Working and coffee spaces are an integral part of the shared space environment, and these places blend socialising with working. Though using space at home seems cheaper, companies that stay competitive find ways to engage every worker where they live, not just when they come in the front door of their office building.  

Firms that have workers living in the same city, state, or another small area can draw on the strengths of their workforce by instituting shared spaces for informal collaboration. For example, many companies like Google offer free coffee in a central area where workers go to escape email for a few minutes and share team updates.  

Using Colourful Office Chairs to Inspire Creativity 

Minor details such as colour, product placement, and even décor can create meaningful spaces where employees form deeper connections with their colleagues, products, and environment. 

But today’s workplace is not as conducive to creativity… 

To improve the work environment, it is necessary to choose ergonomic computer chairs and office chairs with colour and creativity in mind. They make most offices these days for efficiency and productivity, but colour can also play a big role in boosting the dynamics and mood of the office. Colourful office chairs would introduce a fun element and promote creativity in an office setting by making employees more innovative. 

An innovative design like bright colours can bring joy to the workplace. This personality carries through from the walls to furniture, with office chairs popping up in eye-catching colours like pink, green and blue. 

Physically engaging an environment is a key component of making workspaces more enjoyable and less likely to diminish creativity. 

Shared spaces

Divide Their Collaborative Spaces and Name Them According to Purpose 

Different spaces for different activities promote a healthy environment. Therefore, decisions about how to divide these spaces are best made consciously. 

Some popular methods for dividing relaxation and office collaborations space include assigning different communal areas for employees’ thinking, learning, and coffee-drinking needs. Companies will typically be able to enrich their employees’ personalities with this approach because it allows different goals and tasks to be accomplished in their specific working environments. 

When there is a clear sense of direction, company culture will also follow suit. 

If employees can devote time to each task in one social environment, meeting everyone’s needs becomes easier. The goal is for them to succeed collaboratively. 

Think about what could be most important in the space chosen for creativity. Creativity requires motivation, focus, and inspiration. Ideally, they will need all three before sitting down behind the keyboard or standing behind the counter.  


Design Office Space for Collaboration with Team Pods 

In this topic, we will explore one of the tangible elements that can lead to collaboration: desks and office chairs. 

Current desk designs not only reflect your personality, but they are also collaborative spaces. In the past decade, there has been a shift in the way open-concept offices have or do not have cubicle walls between desks. It doesn’t matter how many people are in the office space or what the size is; lots of creativity can happen in any kind of office space with desks and chairs that are optimally positioned for both privacy and connection with other team members. You can design your office space with furniture on wheels and modular furniture, ergonomic chairs, and whiteboards. 

Designing your space to include team pods encourages employees to take advantage of having reasons to reach out before carrying forward their projects. 

Some furniture on wheels allows for the arrangement of office furniture and ergonomic computer chairs to be easily changed based on team needs and rearranged if needed. 

The capital investment in redesigning an office can be very expensive, so it’s important to locate rooms for collaborative tools (such as whiteboards) near comfortable seating areas so that it appears to employees as if collaborating is easy and comes naturally.  

Team Pods are a great way to increase efficiency and save money in office space without getting 100 people cramped up together in a small room. 

Shared spaces

Including Virtual Employees in Shared Space Design 

Many companies are now opting to create a shared space instead of having each teamwork in their own office. This is because it helps foster communication and collaboration between teams. But what if the company includes virtual employees? 

Including virtual employees in shared spaces can be tricky because they don’t have a physical presence in the office. There are many ways that companies can include these virtual employees in their shared space design, such as with video conferencing or using digital signage. 

Some companies even have an area for virtual meetings where there is a screen for videoconferencing, whiteboards for brainstorming, and even stations with laptops and desk chairs so that people can work remotely from home if they need to. 

They Will Come… 

We can make the workplace conducive for collaboration; making it seem casual, cheerful, and inspiring – not a workplace environment.  

Provide an attractive and fun environment, and they will come. 


Writer byline: Deborah is an American expat from Ogden, UT currently residing in Mexico. She is currently writing her next marketing book for small business owners who need marketing basics for their businesses. 

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