Feature Blogs

Our feature articles provide insights into various aspects of office work, office design trends and some of the things that should be considered as office work looks to a new future.

Man sitting on a patio chair with laptop shows the ergonomic cost of being a digital nomad

The Digital Nomad, does it really work?

Nature in the office 1

How Can Nature Play a Positive Role in the Office?

Shared workspace 4

How clever shared spaces make a return to the office more attractive.

Work from home 1

Transforming your work-from-home office

Workplace emotion

How Emotion Is Influencing Workplace Design

Bringing dogs to the office

 Introducing the Newest Members of the Team: Bringing Dogs to the Office 

What exactly is Neuro-Architecture?

What Exactly is Neuro-architecture?

The Importance of Flexible Learning Spaces in Today's Classrooms

The Importance of Flexible Learning Spaces in Today’s Classrooms

Colours in the workplace

Colours in the workplace

Office Seating Australia

What Employees Value Most About Their Workspaces

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