The Dal Pergo perching stool is available in two models, the Vee and Wave, Both have a 4D tilt mechanism in the moulded undercover and a 3D tilt in the sculptured disc base.

The fluid movement of the Pergo allows the seat to move with you as you move, the dual fronted seat gives you the option of sitting on the sculptured front edge or the straight back edge. Suitable for low and high working with either the Vee design seat or the curved Wave design seat, Pergo is a versatile and comfortable perching stool.

Product details


  • 3D pivot disc base
  • 4D seat movement
  • Gas lift
  • Reversible seating position
  • Vee seat or Wave seat


  • Vee model with the sculptured front edge
  • Wave model with the curved seat

Additional Information

  • Warranty 6yrs
  • 150 kg Guarantee
  • Seat (MM) 410w 310d
  • Seat Height (MM) 640 – 880
  • Overall (MM) 450 dia

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