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  • Dal Jirra


    Dal Jirra chair

    When it comes to ergonomic office chairs, Dal Jirra, one of our latest Synchro chairs is designed with an advanced synchronised mechanism to give you freedom of movement without having to think about levers. A seat slide and adjustable lumbar support are standard features on all Dal Jirra chairs.

    Mix and match, the upholstery on the seat, back and headrest, they are each stocked in black or grey. Adjustable armrests and an adjustable headrest are optional

    The generous seat cushion on the Dal Jirra chair adds to the comfort and ease of use. Dal Jirra is a well-priced synchro chair, perfect for anyone who faces a long day at their desk.

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  • Zarella

    The Zarella chair from Dal has a dynamic mesh back, bodyweight synchro mech, and clean design lines.

    The easy to use Donati bodyweight synchro mechanism and comfort built into the Zarella make it a chair that not only looks good but sits very comfortably.

    With 4D arms, seat slide, integrated lumbar adjustment, and fine-tune tension control the Zarella is at the forefront in function and design.

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  • Urbin


    So versatile, Urbin is a chair of many faces. As a visitor or waiting chair its fully welded frame is sturdy and cleverly designed. The wall-saver back leg shape will keep the waiting room walls a little tidier.
    Urbin chairs are all upholstered in Australia in our factory, so the fabric choice is up to you. This is especially important in medial waiting rooms or healthcare environments since the fabric choice and cleanability needs to meet each individual requirement.

    Castors or glides – mesh back or upholstered back – arms or no arms – all your choice

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  • Torbi


    The Dal Torbi perching stool is a simple chair with simple adjustments.
    The base is a disc with a 3D pivot giving fluid movement for the seat as you work.
    The extended height gas lift has a full ring lever providing convenient access to the height adjustment without having to worry where the lever is, it is always just there.
    The stable disc base is finished in black and the seat is upholstered in a heavy-duty grey fabric.

    Torbi, a simple and practical perching stool.

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  • GelForm Seat

    ErgoSelect Gelform Seat

    The ErgoSelect® range of ergonomic chairs is now available with GelForm gel memory foam integrated into the already comfortable seats. All the standard Spark and Swift seats are now available in a GelForm version. The GelForm gel memory foam reduces the pressure points when sitting by providing a more even pressure distribution. This is coupled with better thermal properties when compared to conventional foam. The added comfort ensures you get the most out of your ErgoSelect® chair.

    Consider adding the PostureSoft™ Gel backrest as well as a GelForm seat, for the ultimate in performance anf comfort. You add the GelForm option to all our seats, Compact, Ergo, XL or Square seats. GelForm is also available with our Coccyx Seat models

    So, what’s different about an ErgoSelect® GelForm seat?

    • Seat upgraded with GelForm™ gel memory foam
    • Improved thermal properties
    • Improved pressure distribution

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  • Acti drafting chair

    The Acti drafting chairs makes working at bench heights a breeze, as with all Acti chairs the flex in the shell provides some welcome variation while you are working,

    The full range of 17 shell colours gives you opportunity to create the right feel to the workspace, that pop of colour, or maybe something more sophisticated. you can even add upholstery to soften the seat or fit in with your decor.

    Acti – Unleash your Creativity

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  • Brindis low back

    Synchro chairs are all about movement, the Brindis range has an easy to use Synchro mech to give you freedom to move without the multi-lever complexity you see on many task chairs.

    Easy to use and easy on the budget, Brindis Task chairs are suitable for a wide range of applications, including education & meeting rooms.

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  • Serati Masera

    Serati Masera chair

    The Serati Masera chair is all about comfort and ease of use. This is a really supportive ergonomic chair, designed for executive offices, conference rooms, or intensive use task chairs.

    The generous fully upholstered backrest offers great comfort with a good height range and the adjustability you can get with a lumbar pump. As with all Serati models you get the choice of the Donati Pro-Control mechanism, this is perfect for those of us that love the levers and adjustments.
    Or, for the ultimate in simplicity, the Donati body-weight mech is the right choice, it is “good to go” once you have adjusted the chair height. The mech will auto sense your weight and adjust the synchro tilt mechanism to suit. This can also be useful in environments where the chair has more than one user.

    Upholstered in leather or fabric the Serati Masera is very at home in an executive office, around a board table or in an intensive use environment.

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