We don’t want to be taken to task over this…
Anyway, task chairs are are often considered a general office chair and perhaps treated as less important than a chair for someone futher up the tree.
Nothing can be further from the truth, it is super important that Task chairs are fit for the task. Often these chairs are used for long hours each day, they need to perform, and they need to last. It makes sens to have a good idea of how the chair is to be used before starting your search.

  • Brindis low back

    Synchro chairs are all about movement, the Brindis range has an easy to use Synchro mech to give you freedom to move without the multi-lever complexity you see on many task chairs.

    Easy to use and easy on the budget, Brindis Task chairs are suitable for a wide range of applications, including education & meeting rooms.

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  • GelForm Seat

    ErgoSelect Gelform Seat

    The ErgoSelect® range of ergonomic chairs is now available with GelForm gel memory foam integrated into the already comfortable seats. All the standard Spark and Swift seats are now available in a GelForm version. The GelForm gel memory foam reduces the pressure points when sitting by providing a more even pressure distribution. This is coupled with better thermal properties when compared to conventional foam. The added comfort ensures you get the most out of your ErgoSelect® chair.

    Consider adding the PostureSoft™ Gel backrest as well as a GelForm seat, for the ultimate in performance anf comfort. You add the GelForm option to all our seats, Compact, Ergo, XL or Square seats. GelForm is also available with our Coccyx Seat models

    So, what’s different about an ErgoSelect® GelForm seat?

    • Seat upgraded with GelForm™ gel memory foam
    • Improved thermal properties
    • Improved pressure distribution

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  • Posturesoft – Gel Lumbar

    The new Spark PostureSoft™ lumbar support takes the very popular ErgoSelect™ Spark chair to another level.

    Enjoy the comfort of the PostureSoft™ Gel Memory foam lumbar support. You can feel the backrest as it slowly moulds to the shape of your back. The lumbar pump and backrest height adjustment both add to the fine tuning that gets your backrest to feel perfect.

    The PostureSoft™ backrest is now available on all Spark chairs and can work with different upholstery styles. The original PostureSoft version of the chair will continue, however this very popular feature can be added to almost any Spark chair.

    You can take a Spark chair even further by going “Double Gel”, you can combine a GelForm seat with a PostureSoft™ back to get the ultimate in comfort and performance

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  • Spark High Back

    Spark High Back Ergonomic chair

    ErgoSelect™ a superior range of ergonomic office chairs.

    Extensive testing, research and trials have led to the development of the ErgoSelect™ range, designed with the health and well being of the user in mind One of the unique features of ErgoSelect™ is the availability of ergonomic choices and customised options which allow the user to style a chair to their personal seating requirements and enjoy an enhanced seating experience.

    Upholstery options can do more than change the aesthetics, vinyl or PU upholstery can make the chair ideal for Healthcare or other applications like industrial use where cleaning is really important. You can also add a softer feel, with quilted fabrics like the Warwick Clique, some examples are shown here.

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  • Swift High Back


    Swift High Back ergonomic chair

    ErgoSelect™, a superior range of ergonomic office chairs that easily adjust to your working style

    Our ErgoSelect™ Swift chairs have a mesh backrest, designed to breath better than an upholstered backrest. The mesh backrest provides a different type of support, and will mould really well to your back shape whilst offering a great height adjustable lumber support. Available in both High back and mid back to suit your working style.

    ErgoSelect™ Swift comes will all the standard ErgoSelect™ options, where every component can be selected to suit the person.

    ErgoSelect™ chairs are fully upgradeable, with a selection of interchangeable component options.

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