The way you work, or how the chair is used will influence your choice of mechanism. Is Serati Pro-Control Synchro mechanism right for you, or would you prefer the simplicity of an auto body-weight Synchro.
Our Take a Seat videos can help you decide, along with choices on the many other options you have with the Dal Serati chairs

Full Serati Range

Which Serati model is going to work best for me?

Serati chairs have plenty of options to make sure you can get the support and functions you need in an office chair. In these videos Ian will explain the four backrests and the features of each chair.
Lower on this page we give you a more in depth comparison of the two mechanisms that are available for Serati Synchro chairs

Serati Support

Serati Stretch

Serati Masera

Serati Mesh

Which Mechanism shoudl I get?

If you some help to work out which of the Donati mechanisms is best for you, Ian will take you through the differences  between the Pro-Control and the Body-weight mechanisms.

Both these mechanisms are option for any of the Serati chair models

Serati Pro-Control

Serati Body-weight

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