Hedj Above


Hedj-Above is a great looking option to use as a divider between desks, it is lightweight and easy to install.

Our range of Hedj screens represent a new development in PET screen technology. Hedj screens are manufactured using multi-layered PET material that is moulded under very high pressure to create a stronger, better finished product. Hedj screens are not simply cut from sheets of PET board.

Hedj is available in three standard forms, and several colours, from modesty panel versions to the simple above desk divider or front mounted screens Hedj is perfectly suited to a stand-alone desk, or a full office fitout Hedj screens come with all the environmental benefits of PET based product, it is classed as low VOC, it is made from recycled product, and it is recyclable.

Hedj brings a new aesthetic to your office with the fully moulded design while performing it’s job as a visual barrier.


  • Fully moulded PET screen
  • Pinnable
  • Lightweight
  • Range of colours
  • Black powdercoat mounting brackets
  • Great design
  • Stronger 3 layer construction
  • Low in VOCs
  • Faces can be different colours
  • Easy clamp mount installlation for Hedj-Above


  • Brackets available separately
  • Custom colours: MOQ and lead time apply
  • Use your own brackets

Product details

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5 Years



Overall Height


Standard height above desk





Charcoal 20, Duo: Charcoal/Light grey 2009, Green 21, Light grey 09


Clamp in black powdercoat