GelForm Seat

GelForm Seat

ErgoSelect Gelform Seat

The ErgoSelect® range of ergonomic chairs is now available with GelForm gel memory foam integrated into the already comfortable seats. All the standard Spark and Swift seats are now available in a GelForm version. The GelForm gel memory foam reduces the pressure points when sitting by providing a more even pressure distribution. This is coupled with better thermal properties when compared to conventional foam. The added comfort ensures you get the most out of your ErgoSelect® chair.

Consider adding the PostureSoft™ Gel backrest as well as a GelForm seat, for the ultimate in performance anf comfort. You add the GelForm option to all our seats, Compact, Ergo, XL or Square seats. GelForm is also available with our Coccyx Seat models

So, what’s different about an ErgoSelect® GelForm seat?

• Seat upgraded with GelForm™ gel memory foam
• Improved thermal properties
• Improved pressure distribution

Product details


  • PostureSoft Gel Memory foam Lumbar support
  • Includes the popular Spark Lumbar pump


  • Spark High Back or Low Back
  • Stitching detail options
  • Fabric options

Additional Information

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