Perching Stools and Saddle chairs

You’d like a little support in a standing or a leaning forward role, but you still need to be able to move about. These stools have great movement built in and will suit many situations where it is all about activity and movement. Our Norj Saddle chair is super comfortable and it’s unique 4D seat movement will keep the seat angled just right for those awkward working postures.

  • Norj

    Sitting on a Norj chair you get a comfortable micro back support and padded seat with gas lift and fluid movement courtesy of the 2D or revolutionary 4D Norj mechanism.

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  • Pergo

    The Dal Pergo perching stool is available in two models, the Vee and Wave, Both have a 4D tilt mechanism in the moulded undercover and a 3D tilt in the sculptured disc base.

    The fluid movement of the Pergo allows the seat to move with you as you move, the dual fronted seat gives you the option of sitting on the sculptured front edge or the straight back edge. Suitable for low and high working with either the Vee design seat or the curved Wave design seat, Pergo is a versatile and comfortable perching stool.

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