Workng at a higher bench? Or maybe you need a chair to use at your standing height table. Drafting chairs, sometimes called architectural chairs, can be just the right thing in a modern, active meeting environment. or they can be equally at home in an industrial or lab workspace.

The Dal Jirra chair on a drafting base is perfect for a nurses station in a healthcare setting, or at a counter height desk, Acti drafting chairs can be a great solution to work at a taller bench.

  • Acti drafting chair

    The Acti drafting chairs makes working at bench heights a breeze, as with all Acti chairs the flex in the shell provides some welcome variation while you are working,

    The full range of 17 shell colours gives you opportunity to create the right feel to the workspace, that pop of colour, or maybe something more sophisticated. you can even add upholstery to soften the seat or fit in with your decor.

    Acti – Unleash your Creativity

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  • Dal Jirra


    Dal Jirra chair

    When it comes to ergonomic office chairs, Dal Jirra, one of our latest Synchro chairs is designed with an advanced synchronised mechanism to give you freedom of movement without having to think about levers. A seat slide and adjustable lumbar support are standard features on all Dal Jirra chairs.

    Mix and match, the upholstery on the seat, back and headrest, they are each stocked in black or grey. Adjustable armrests and an adjustable headrest are optional

    The generous seat cushion on the Dal Jirra chair adds to the comfort and ease of use. Dal Jirra is a well-priced synchro chair, perfect for anyone who faces a long day at their desk.

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  • Delta

    The Delta chair is both functional and elegant.

    Inspired by the car design industry with reference to the Fluid Lines Formula 1.

    Visually sleek with models to suit many applications.

    A choice of 3 shell colours along with an optional seat pad allows you the opportunity to create a Delta chair to suit your environment.

    The range of frames and finishes make Delta a truly inspiring suite of meeting and visitor chairs.

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  • Spark High Back

    Spark High Back Ergonomic chair

    ErgoSelect™ a superior range of ergonomic office chairs.

    Extensive testing, research and trials have led to the development of the ErgoSelect™ range, designed with the health and well being of the user in mind One of the unique features of ErgoSelect™ is the availability of ergonomic choices and customised options which allow the user to style a chair to their personal seating requirements and enjoy an enhanced seating experience.

    Upholstery options can do more than change the aesthetics, vinyl or PU upholstery can make the chair ideal for Healthcare or other applications like industrial use where cleaning is really important. You can also add a softer feel, with quilted fabrics like the Warwick Clique, some examples are shown here.

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  • Swift High Back


    Swift High Back ergonomic chair

    ErgoSelect™, a superior range of ergonomic office chairs that easily adjust to your working style

    Our ErgoSelect™ Swift chairs have a mesh backrest, designed to breath better than an upholstered backrest. The mesh backrest provides a different type of support, and will mould really well to your back shape whilst offering a great height adjustable lumber support. Available in both High back and mid back to suit your working style.

    ErgoSelect™ Swift comes will all the standard ErgoSelect™ options, where every component can be selected to suit the person.

    ErgoSelect™ chairs are fully upgradeable, with a selection of interchangeable component options.

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