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Wall space is the resource in shortest supply in offices. Moll rotary files require less floor and wall space than standard shelving with the same storage capacity. Thanks to the fact that less distance needs to be covered to access the files, and that the files themselves take up less space, this compact round storage system for files makes it possible to more effectively utilise office and filing space.


Compactfile is the perfect inexpensive alternative to conventional storage shelves because it accommodates a large amount of items, does not require a wall and only needs very little space.

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Product Description

  • Fully rotating column for DIN A4 binders (also available for folio formats)
  • Additional levels can be added to increase the height
  • Max. load per level: 75 kg at 80 cm
  • Sturdy 5 way base
  • Raised edges in a high-quality aluminium finish





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